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Dongguan Hua Qi analyze the determinants of aging room price.
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1: aging room size, L * W * H (room size determines the fan selection, the number of fans, duct size) 
Typically commercially axial fans, centrifugal fans, air cabinet to make 
Axial fans mounted on top of the aging room, the ceiling upload window blinds installed in accordance with the appropriate number of fans, using the concept of the return air above the wind above, the low cost of this method, the temperature uniformity of controllability is not high, because the heat from the bottom-up 
Centrifugal fan mounted on top of the aging room, according to the fan power and the size of the room design appropriate quantity duct, the duct connected to the bottom of each chamber, install two double louvers on each duct outlet, the outlet You can adjust the direction of the wind. Then 
The return air from the top of the wind circulated. General aging of the room is not large main room using centrifugal fans. 
Wind mainly aging room cabinet room is too big, too wide span, the temperature uniformity requirements are too high, if the room is very large with a corresponding increase in the number of centrifugal fan noise will be great. This cost is high cost, 
2: High-temperature aging room temperature (the temperature range of different selection of different materials) 
Usually do aging room has three kinds of materials; EPS color steel plate, color steel wool, polyurethane foam color steel Dongguan China Qi. 
EPS color steel is mainly used for RT + range 10-60 degrees aging, EPS color steel commonly known as foam board, also called polystyrene color plate. No flame, it does not meet the provisions of Class B2 "building burn classification", below 60 degrees long-term use is no problem, 
Rockwool color plate in the aging temperature is above 60 degrees, it is flame retardant, in line with "building materials combustion performance rating" A-class requirements 
In addition there is a polyurethane color steel market, its maximum temperature of 85 degrees, combustible, if words will produce harmful gases burn, but it can not only make high temperature, low temperature -40 degrees can do, but also can do the humidity test . But this section material cost is very 
3: Power products and product needs of aging (different products related to whether the product is heat, which comes to power supply configuration) 
Aging products power: the aging room, to give the product aging aircraft power supply, the power comes to the size and number of wires, while also aging whether the product will be endothermic heat absorption size, if customers have a requirement, then the heating time required than normal increase 
Power and the number of heat pipes, but also increase the power of the aging room, Dongguan Hua Qi. 
4: High-temperature aging room temperature uniformity requirements 
Aging room temperature were associated with the degree of general situation is ± 3 ℃. 
5: often do aging temperature points and product total power (related to the exhaust system, exhaust temperature range is based on room size and product power to seek a constant temperature at the point when the product is too high fever when the exhaust fan running ensure that the temperature at the set temperature) 
Aging room temperature points often do: it comes to the exhaust system, according to the size of the exhaust fan power, exhaust pipe products aging room total power (heating power), and then set the temperature according to need it, through the appropriate formula calculates . 
Two: the practice of high-temperature aging room 
The first: the use of gypsum board every room, which add a winter heating devices or other heating device inside the northeast side of the family, and then on top or wall mounted several fans, this aging room low cost, safety factor is not high, mainly made ??of temperature 
Into localized overheating 
The second: Depending on the different insulation panels (mainly foam board, rock wool board) across the room temperature, and then loaded on top according to the size of the room or cylinder corresponding axial fan fan, then loaded on corresponding duct, using the so-called top hair, 
The concept at the top of the return air of the aging room cost is slightly higher than the first point, but contrary to the principle of hot air, and if the room is slightly larger then the noise is very large, uniformity is not high. 
Third: Depending on the use of different temperature insulation panels (mainly foam board, rock wool board) and different thickness of a sheet across the room, and then based on the uniformity of temperature, aging product loads, select the appropriate size of the room fan, duct production 
Size, custom heating pipe, according to the principle of using heat up the air above the bottom of the return air, and then implement multiple temperature points controlled by the PLC in accordance with requirements of the room size, uniformity, this aging room cost is relatively high, the need for technical strength and experience. This aging room 
High safety factor 
Fourth: burning room, isolation professional to produce high-temperature aging room manufacturers - Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., Ltd. 
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