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Celebrate Dongguan China Qi Detection Instrument Co., China won the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition prize.
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Celebrate Dongguan China Qi Detection Instrument Co., China won the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition prize. 
         China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition integrate elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, SME services as a platform to build and guide the broader community resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote innovation and development of SME. 
(A) improve the level of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the promotion of technological innovation and transformation, cultivating high-level, high-level, high-quality and high-growth entrepreneurial team of strategic emerging industries with core source of business innovation capability, enhance the level of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new period. 
(B) to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship referendum, attracting outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship, to create a "encourage innovation, support entrepreneurship," the atmosphere in the whole society off the climax of innovation and entrepreneurship, and lay a solid foundation for building an innovative country. 
(C) promote innovation and entrepreneurial culture. Explore the combination of technology and culture, and make full use of interactive television, new media, publicity innovation and entrepreneurial character, establish brand innovation and entrepreneurship, so that more people understand and participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment. 
(D) promote technological and financial integration. Play the role of government guidance, the use of market mechanisms, gather a variety of innovative resources to absorb including banks, venture capital institutions, social forces into the broad participation of SME for innovation and entrepreneurship and corporate team building and financing service platform, promote innovation and development of SMEs. professional to produce high-temperature aging room manufacturers - Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., Ltd. 
     Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., specializing in the production of high temperature aging room, aging room thermostat aging room, walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chambers, thermal shock chambers, high and low temperature test chamber, temperature and humidity chamber, three box thermal shock chambers, temperature chamber, LED oven, cold chamber, rain chamber, dust chamber, alternating high and low temperature heat chamber, cryogenic chamber, large walk-in aging room, rapid temperature change test boxes, temperature and humidity chamber vibration three comprehensive, quick temperature test chamber, salt spray chamber, welcome new and old customers call Advisory elderly
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