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A simple analysis of temperature and humidity chamber failure.
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Temperature and humidity chamber is a test for the climate simulation environment can achieve cooling, heating, aging and a series of test items. If you encounter in the course of environmental chambers cooling is blocked, we must carry out their troubleshooting and analysis, to see whether it is a problem in the operation, or the machine itself is not working properly, or affected by the failure of other things occur. Bao Tong Yun environmental testing based on years of lessons learned, to provide you with the following analysis, for your reference: 
     First to observe that the host group, there is a set of auxiliary units, the cooling rate is large, two units simultaneously, the temperature maintained its early stages, the unit is still working groups simultaneously. Preliminary until the temperature stabilizes, the auxiliary unit stops working, mainly by the host groups to maintain a stable temperature. If the host group refrigerant leak, will host the group's cooling effect is not due to the cooling process, the two units simultaneously, so there is no temperature stabilization live phenomenon, and indicates the cooling rate decreases. In the temperature hold stage, in the event the auxiliary unit is stopped, the host group nor the cooling, the air in the test chamber will gradually rise, when the temperature rises to a certain level, the control system of the auxiliary unit will start to cool down to the temperature set value (-55 ℃) near the auxiliary unit and then stop working, so again, it will lead to the phenomenon is not cooling chamber. 
    At this point we can already confirm the initial cause of the malfunction is low-temperature unit refrigerant leakage host group, we have to do is check the cooling system leak, where we recommend the use of combo way of checking that can help us more accurately unmistakable investigation by the line. 
Check the leak and soapy water using the method of combining the stem of a hot gas bypass solenoid valve cracked about 1cm slits. Replace the solenoid valve, the system re-charge fluoride, the system is operating normally. It can be seen, after the failure phenomenon analysis and judgment first "outside" after "in the" first "electric", "cooling" in the context of the analysis and judgment to understand the principle and process chamber is analyzed failure judgment based fault. Only in this way can we identify the "root cause" faster, more accurate problem solving. professional to produce high-temperature aging room manufacturers - Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., Ltd. 
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